Hang On To Your Man

When you have met the right man for you, how do you hang on to him? I know several London escorts who say that they have met the right man for them. However, they are not sure how they should hang on to him. It can be tricky to hang on to that special man once you have met. You may even realise that there are other girls who is interested in him as well. That is what happened to my friend Amanda who works for the same London escorts agency as me. She met this really nice guy when working for London escorts. But, she soon realised that there was a bit of competition for him as she liked to call it.

I am not sure that I could have done what Amanda did, but she certainly set out to make sure that she could hang on to her man. It is true, this guy was one of the most handsome men that I had ever seen at London escorts. Not only that, but he was a real gentleman. He was, and still is, very much the sort of gent that all London escorts dream of dating. You can say that he has a certain air about that makes him special.

Amanda was clever. Looking back, I think that she went about things exactly in the right way, She actually knew this guy very well. That means that she knew all of his likes and dislikes. One of the things that he really liked was good food. At the time, Amanda was one of the worst cooks that we ever had at London escorts. She was that sort of girl who could even burn pasta in a saucepan! But, Amanda was going to set new standards for London escorts, and make the rest of us aim that little bit higher.

The first thing that Amanda did was to take some cooking classes. She was pushed for time as she was one of the most popular girls at London escorts, but she still managed to fit in cooking classes. After about a month or two, she was experimenting cooking up some fantastic creations for the rest of us sexy females at London escorts. It was clear that Amanda was on her way to achieving her first goal in her battle for hanging onto her gent, and that was great.

The second thing that Amanda did, was to change her image. So far, her image had been kind of stereotypical of a sexy kitten at a London escorts service. But this guy was rather a savvy dresser and looked well dressed all of the time. Amanda quickly realised that she needed to stand out from the rest of us girls at London escorts and she changed her style to fit in with his. Did it work? Well, all of this really works, and today Amanda is married to the said gentleman. They look like any other adorable couple together. That is just a few of the ways you can make sure that you catch the right guy for you.